Clients Testimonial

Stephen Hamilton does great A++++ work. I had a situation where I was charged with DWI in Lubbock, Texas. I hired Stephen after being referred from a friend. In my line of work, I could not afford to have a DWI on my record. This incident could have very well ruined my career, and caused me a lot of money down the road. Also, a DWI would have ruined my reputation in the community. Stephen was very helpful, and set clear expectations of the case. He is 100% professional, and made the process as seamless as possible. His services are very affordable as he was able to work out payment arrangements. I am very thankful that I was able to get the DUI charge dropped and it is not on my record. Stephen is very passionate about his work, and puts his clients first. Anytime I had a question or concern he was literally one call away. I have moved on to serve as a leader in the community and move up within my current organization, thanks to the help of Stephen. I have had friends that opted to go with other attorneys and their outcome did not end well. Stephen is hands down the best DUI attorney in this area. If you are reading this, I would strongly recommend you hire him, it will be the best decision you made if you in a DWI situation. A++++++++

Aggressive DWI Defense in Amarillo, Lubbock, Midland and Odessa

Steve is a great lawyer that cares. We fought and he continued to fight until he got what I wanted. He works with you and knows who you are. Best Lawyer in Lubbock!

Lawyer that Works for YOU!

First off, I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart! I am so grateful to have a team as the Hamilton Attorney Law Firm to represent myself in my DWI case of March 2012. They have been nothing less than amazing!  I couldn’t have asked for anyone else to take my case. The firm has worked on this case since day one.. With everything that I have been going through with this case, my jobs and with school, yes I have had many moments of the overwhelming feeling that I wasn’t going to be able to handle it all, but the firm made sure that I would do the most easiest thing on my agenda: BREATHE! I can definitely say that every time that he has called me that I started breaking down into tears just talking to him (but in a good way that I do), because he has always came back with great and wonderful news. All I know is, I am still filled with tears (joyous ones) in my eyes for the outstanding and thanks be to God amazing work that he has handled for me.

If any of my family members or friends were ever in a situation as this, and hopefully they will NEVER be, I would only recommend The Hamilton Attorney Law Firm to them. Why? Because they considered me as a friend each and every time that I walked into that door and not a paycheck. I can’t graciously enough thank the law firm!

Lubbock DWI client very satisfied with the representation she received from Hamilton and Associates

Mr. Hamilton represented my son in a DWI case. He was very honest with us from the beginning. He told us all the possible outcomes, including the most probable outcome. We had a very favorable decision. I am convinced this was due to the constant communication that Mr. Hamilton had with the DA’s office concerning our case. He spoke about specific details regarding the case. I believe the DA’s office thought that Mr. Hamilton was very involved attorney, and that this case would be more difficult to win because of his thoroughness and attention to detail.

Stephen Hamilton Review

Mr. Hamilton will be your best and easiest decision when it comes to picking a lawyer for whatever your needs may be. He was available whenever I needed him and always a phone call away. His staff is just as amazing and friendly. I spoke with a couple lawyers before I met with Steve and before he was even done explaining how he operates, I had already decided that he would be my lawyer.

Picking a lawyer is not always easy but Steve made it a done deal. Just the way he handles himself and operates you can tell he is efficient and highly effective. He will work hard to get you the best outcome he can and will go the extra mile to do his best!
I highly recommend Steve Hamilton as your next lawyer and wish you the best of luck!

The Best Defense Lawyer

Mr. Hamilton provided exceptional legal representation regarding my DWI matter in early 2009.

I entrusted Mr. Hamilton from the beginning of my case; he was incredibly honest and up-front about the many possible outcomes I could be facing. The communication I received from his office throughout the duration of my case helped me to feel I had people on my side.

With Mr. Hamilton’s ability to negotiate with the District Attorney’s office, my legal matter was handled within a timely manner and I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

He’s a superb and ethical attorney in every respect. I would highly recommend Stephen Hamilton for any future defense needs.

Wonderful Representation

Mr. Hamilton, is by far the most exceptional attorney I have encountered. Unlike the other attorneys I have met, who just want a retainer up front without returning at least decent services, Mr. Hamilton possesses none of these negative traits. He is up front, to the point, and charges about the same or less than subpar attorneys. If I stayed with my ex-attorney I would have pleaded guilty to something that Mr. Hamilton was able to fight for and DISMISS!!! HE TRULY IS A HARD WORKING ATTORNEY, ALWAYS, ALWAYS RETURNS PHONE CALLS/CORRESPONDENCE AND NEVER DODGES HIS CLIENTS. OUTSTANDING JOB AND SERVICE EVEN AFTER MY CASE WAS FINISHED!!

Beyond Exceptional Person AND Attorney

Mr. Hamilton was very honest throughout the legal process and always informed me of what the next possible steps could be. This allowed me to prepare myself and take the best steps to move forward. I would highly recommend Mr. Hamilton to others.

Excellent Attorney

I cannot say enough good things about Mr. Hamilton. He is very knowledgeable. He was always looking out for my best interest and made sure my DWI charge would not damage my reputation or jeopardize future opportunities. He would speak to me personally and even met me on Saturdays to discuss my case. He is without a doubt the best DWI/DUI attorney in the region.

Excellent Attorney

Mr. Hamilton was a tremendous help. He and his staff are extremely knowledgable, and I am extremely grateful to have had such an excellent attorney working for me.

Excellent Job