Welcome to the Attorney Hamilton VIP Program!




Willie Nelson and Family

Sign up for a chance to win FREE tickets to Willie Nelson and Family November 15 at the City Bank Auditorium. Sign up for the VIP program to be entered into the drawing.


Rich O’Toole

Get FREE tickets to see Rich O’Toole at Charley B’s Friday October 14th!

Wade Bowen

See Wade Bowen LIVE at Charley B’s November 4th. We’re giving away FREE tickets to a few lucky VIP members.

JB & The Moonshine Band

Win FREE tickets from the Attorney Hamilton VIP Program to see JB & The Moonshine Band December 9th.

Back 40 Grill
VIP Discount – FREE APPETIZER with the purchase of 2 entries. Simply show your server your VIP key tag!


Lubbock’s Original Oyster Bars — 2 great locations

VIP Discount – 10% off ALL Food by simply showing your server your VIP keytag!

Mesquites Bar and Grill

VIP Discount – 10% off ALL Food by simply showing your server your VIP keytag!

My name is Stephen Hamilton and I created the VIP program for people just like you. Please register your key tag below, or if you don’t have one, check the box to request one. Your key tag automatically enrolls you in my VIP program FREE. Keep reading for more information about this program. And be sure to like us on Facebook to get the most out of your membership.

Why did you start the Attorney Hamilton VIP Program?

I started the Attorney Hamilton VIP program because I realized a long time ago that when I work with a client, I develop a trust with that person. As an attorney, they depended on my advice for many big decisions they had to make in their lives. I wanted to create a program where I could invite others to receive the same benefits as my clients, without becoming my client.

stephen-hamiltonWhy should I join your program?

Because many folks simply don’t know where to go when they need to talk to someone. My free 30-minute consultation on any area of the law is huge help to our members.  Our clients know we focus on DWI and criminal defense law, but we also have lawyers who handle business law issues, wills and trusts, and other areas.  We have contact with other lawyers who handle areas of law such as family law and personal injury.

What can I expect to receive as a VIP member?

My VIP program brings all the areas of law together to help my clients.  If you need help in an area of law that we practice, then we’re here for you.  If you need help in an area that we don’t practice, then we will visit with you free of charge, answer general questions and connect you to a lawyer we trust that can help you.

Are there any other benefits to being a VIP member?

There are many benefits!

hamilton_keytageimage21. Your Unique Keytag Number:  The keytag you receive has an individual number on it.  It is assigned to you.  Nobody else has that number! If you lose your keys, there is an 800 number that the person who finds your keys can call to report them found. I pay them a reward for reporting it.  And then we contact you based on your registered keytag number.

2. Reduced Attorney Fees:  If you hire us and have your keytag, you will receive a 10% off discount on all attorney fees we charge. All you have to do is show us your keytag, like us on Facebook, and your discount is applied! You are also eligible for reduced attorney fees from other lawyers!  If we visit with you for the free 30 minute consultation and refer you to one of our trusted referral lawyers, you will receive a reduced fee.

3. Lawyer Assist Program: Often times when we refer a client to another lawyer in our referral program, our clients still want us to be involved just in case.  We work with our referral partners to ensure that we continue to be part of the communication team if that is what our clients want.

How much does it cost to become a VIP member?

The VIP Program is completely free. That’s right, your membership costs you nothing. What’s the catch? There is none! We know that our best clients are ones who are referred to us by our VIP members. so our VIP program is our way of thanking our clients and our community.


Once you register and become a VIP, you get all of the above and more! We believe that life should be enjoyed.  Therefore we are also offering discounts and giveaways that have nothing to do with the practice of law.

4. Concert Ticket Giveaways: We get plenty of tickets for concerts that we give away to our VIP members

5. Restaurant Discounts: We are working with local restaurants who are giving various discounts to our VIP members.  Each restaurant will be listed on our Facebook page and the exact discount they are giving.

6. Retail Store Discounts: As we add new stores and discounts we will post those on our Facebook page so our members have an up to date list!

7. And more! Our VIP program will continue to expand and offer more benefits and giveaways!!  We will post an updated list on our Facebook page.  Go to our Facebook page for real time updates and winner notifications!

I am very excited for this VIP membership and look forward to having you as a member.

If you have a local business that might be interested in becoming a member of our VIP program please let us know!